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Update on Drop-off/Collection


Dear parents/carers
Having reviewed the process of bringing children into school this morning there are a few changes/reminders that we need to share about this process:
-Remember to maintain social distance from others at all times
-Keep left and keep moving on footpaths
-Arrive to drop-off or collect your child during the allocated time slot (it got very busy around some doors this morning as some people were 20 minutes early) - I have put the times below again for your reference.
-Do not try and speak to the class staff in the morning unless it is urgent - send us a message via weduc or your child's contact book instead. If it is urgent please stand aside until all of the other children have gone in.
-North Street's drop-off and pick-up area is now in use. If you are in the outer layby the driver should not leave the car - please pull in, let your children out and then leave. If you need to park and walk your child into the site please use the spaces in the inner layby. All spaces are first come, first served - if there is not a space available please leave the site and park elsewhere.
Thank you very much for your support and cooperation in making our site safe for everyone.

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