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Information about the curriculum can be found on the Year Group Pages here.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Curriculum Overview


Our Curriculum

At Regis Manor we pride ourselves on providing an engaging, broad and balanced curriculum. We aim to engage the children in enrichment activities that broaden their understanding and where possible link our maths and English learning to our topics (for example we read War Horse in our English lessons in our Years 5 and 6 World War 1 topic).

Our KS2 science curriculum is taught through Empiribox. This provides the children with a science curriculum with a practical approach that goes far beyond the limits of the national curriculum. All of our pupils are engaged and thrive in this environment. Please click here to find out more.

The topics at Regis Manor are taught over a two year cycle in pairs of year groups. This allows for more opportunities to be planned within each topic and a more collaborative approach.


What is Enrichment?

Enrichment activities are an extension of our curriculum at Regis Manor and provide children with access to a range of professionals, resources and experiences that are beyond the norm.


Why is Enrichment important?

We are passionate about children having a holistic education in which they are given opportunities to explore their own gifts and talents. One way of doing this to organise enrichment to enthuse children and help to raise their aspirations. They also provide opportunities for children to consolidate and make links between past, present and future learning.

Finally, they are a lot of fun and provide memorable learning experiences for all the children (and staff!) at Regis Manor.


Details of our enrichment activities can be found on our news feed, on the school Facebook page and Twitter feed.