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Year R

Reception offers a range of exciting topics where children are able to explore, create and become engaged in their learning. At Regis Manor we strive to offer all our children a warm, nurturing and caring environment to stimulate creativity, independence and promote the development of skills, passions and interests.

Meet the Team


EYFS Lead: Mrs King




Class Teacher: Mrs Cousin (RC)




Class Teacher: Mrs Williams (RW)



Class Teacher: Miss Simpkins (RS)


Teaching Assistants:

Miss Allen

Mrs Pearson

Mrs Locke

Ms Watts


Our Topics

Here are some of the exciting topics that we are covering this year. We talk to the children about topics they are interested in and interests they have. We offer an open and engaging provision for the children and ensure there are activities out that interest them.



Term 1


Term 2


Term 3


Term 4


Term 5


Term 6



My favourite stories




Traditional Tales


Mythical Creatures




Under the Sea





Our provision





We have three classes in our reception, which allows us to offer a variety of opportunities within our provision.

We offer an exciting outside provision for our children including a fantastic water play where the children can pump out the water.

New for this year we introduced a cooking area into our provision. This allows the children opportunities with using utensils, recipes and cooking techniques.