Home Learning Agreement

As a school we are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers.  We have updated our Home School Agreement which sets out how we hope everyone can work together to ensure each child can achieve their full potential.

At Regis Manor Primary School, we want to support each child’s individual needs to create a positive learning environment where all children can achieve their best both academically and in their own personal growth.  We believe that a close partnership between the school, parents and the child is essential if we are to achieve this aim.

 What is a Home School Agreement?

A Home-School Agreement is a statement explaining:

·         the school’s values and rules

·         the school’s responsibilities towards its children who are of compulsory school age

·         the responsibility of each child’s parents

·         what the school expects of its children.

This is a simple agreement between the school, child and parent which outlines effective ways in which we can agree to work together to foster and maintain respectful and pro-active relationships as your child moves through school.

Why do we need a Home School Agreement?

·         It acts as a reminder of commitments.

·         It underpins the school’s ethos and stated beliefs.

·         It acts as a clear starting point for new pupils, their parents and the school staff.

·         It provides a starting point for exploring difficulties.

All parents who wish their children to attend Regis Manor Primary School will need to sign up to our Home School Agreement.  We also ask parents to ensure they share the Home School Agreement with their child and we will also discuss this in school.

 Many thanks for your continued support.