School Trips

At Regis Manor, we aim to provide as many trips and educational visits as possible.


Educational visits occur regularly and they build on the learning in each topic. By providing real experiences, this allows the children to have a much greater understanding of the subject matter that they are studying. Every year group aims to provide at least one educational visit per year but there may be more throughout the year. 







The cost to parents/carers for our trips and visits varies. However, all of the main trips occurring this year will cost between £9 and £30. The majority of this cost is attributed to transport costs and is unavoidable due to the number of children who attend and the location of many of our visits. 


While all payments for school trips/educational visits are voluntary, they are quite expensive for schools to run if contributions are not received. This may mean that a trip has to be cancelled as the school has to replace any missing payments from its own year group budgets.