Years 1 & 2

Year 1 and 2 offers a range of exciting curriculum topics where children are able to explore, create and become engaged in their learning.

Year 1

Class Teacher: Miss Hammond (Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs Bull
Class Teacher: Miss Hoad

Teaching Assistants:
Miss Bean
Miss Carle
Miss Powsey
Mrs Still


Year 2

Class Teacher: Mr Clarke
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pipe and Mrs Cardwell
Class Teacher: Miss Lawry
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sutton



Here are some of the exciting topics that we cover during the Year.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Witches and Wizards




In the garden


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Witches and Wizards

During this topic children have the opportunity to learn about the magic of Witches and Wizards. Did real life witches really exist? This term we will look at both fictional witches and wizards in stories and the beliefs about real life witches from the past.

All children dream about having magic powers- in this topic children are able to design and create their own wands as well as making their own potions. During P.E children will create dances to chants and spells.



In Term 2 the children’s learning is based around rainforests. Where are rainforests situated and who lives there? Together we look at the animals that create their homes in the different layers of the rainforests as well as the tribes that live there. Using globes children locate where the equator is and look at how close the rainforests are to this.

We look at how important rainforests are to our everyday life and what we use them for! Children focus on art in this topic, they create animal rainforest masks using the technique of Papier Mache and experiment with leaf printing!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to space? Ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut? During this topic children are immersed in all things space. We look at a space timeline going right back to 1969 when the first person landed on the moon, right through to the recent historical event of Falcon 9 in May 2020.

Children look at Tim Peake and his life as an astronaut. They discover what it would be like and think about what essentials they would take with them! Learning about the planets is the final part of this term using sculptures to look at the size and positioning of them!



In Term 4 the children will be going all the way back in time to Victorian times. What was it like? Did children go to school? Were Victorian homes the same as ours? These are some of the questions the children will be able to explore. Children will be able to look back on history and compare what life was like then to how it is now. They will get the opportunity to dress up as a Victorian child and to experience a day in a Victorian classroom! Do not be late! Will there be computers? Are the class rules the same? Possibly not! They will learn about some of the inventions that were discovered and be able to compare what toys were like in Victorian times and how they may have changed. Year 1 and 2 children will have the amazing opportunity to explore original toys from history! The children will also learn about a Victorian artist and be able to become artists themselves to create similar art work.


In the garden

During this topic year 1 and 2 will be learning about lots of things we find outside in the garden. There will be a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to share, including Jack and the Beanstalk. What happened when he threw the magic beans out of the window? The children will learn about some of the animals we can find outside, including mini-beasts. Where are they hiding? They will learn about their habitats and what the bugs get up to when they wander and slither around the garden. The children will go on an exciting bug hunt to explore what is hiding under the rocks and stones, in the ground and among the plants and trees. They will also design their own amazing gardens! In Art and DT will be designing and creating a scare crow to help stop those birds eating the seeds!


During Term 5 children in Year 2 take part in SATS tests. Children undertake ‘secret agent training’ –SATS to receive their well-deserved reward at the end. We make this experience as fun for the children as we can! Further information will be shared with parents/guardians during this time.



During term 6 we will learn all about pirates from the past. What did they do? Where did they go? We will explore sunken ships and hopefully find some buried treasure! We need to find a treasure map, maybe we can make our own! What else can we find under the ocean? There are creatures deep down in the sea that we need to find out about.  Each of them are unique and we will look at some of them in detail.  The children will get the opportunity to create their own under the sea animal using a range of different materials. We will share a range of exciting books about pirates and learn about some famous ocean explorers from the past. Children will be able to dress up as a pirate for the day! In Geography the children will find out about the oceans and the countries they surround.