Years 1 & 2

Year 1 and 2 offers a range of exciting curriculum topics where children are able to explore, create and become engaged in their learning. 

Year 1

Class Teacher: Mrs Goodman
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Tylaite & Miss Manston

Class Teacher: Miss Daws
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bennett

Class Teacher: Miss Tonner
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kentmen

Year 2


Class Teacher: Miss Bennett
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Still

Class Teacher: Mrs Barrett
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sutton


Class Teacher: Miss Hammond & Mrs Bull
Teaching Assistant:  Miss Vaughan


Here are some of the exciting topics that we cover during the Year.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6



The Great Fire of London


Amazing animals

Under the sea


During this topic children have the opportunity to learn some traditional fairytales as well as those with a twist. Was the big bad wolf really bad? Did Jack ever escape from the giant? Children in Year 1 and 2 have the opportunity to explore these questions and make their own minds up about characters in the stories. Children use their imagination to explore the world on their magic carpets and use globes during Geography to help them decide where they would like to visit.

In Term 2 the children’s learning is based around the topic of superheroes. Children learn about fictional superheroes as well as real life heroes such as doctors, firemen etc. Children look back at past heroes in History such as Florence Nightingale and learn about the work that she did to make her a hero!

The Great Fire of London
Children learn about what it was like to live in 1066 during History. They delve back into the past looking at the streets of London and the houses that were built there. They explore the reasons as to why the fire spread so quickly and ways which we have developed our streets to stop a fire like this happening again! Children in year 1 and 2 have the opportunity to build their own Tudor houses which are then set out closely together and set a light, giving the children the experience and insight into how the fire spread so quickly. This is a real WOW factor for the term!


Looking back in History children learn about the 3 periods when dinosaurs lived- the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, and discover how dinosaurs evolved. Children get to learn key facts and information about their favourite dinosaurs. In Art children create their own fossils of a dinosaur and create a dinosaur silhouette. Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore? Children discover the eating habits of different dinosaurs and the meaning of these key words. 


Amazing animals
During this topic children find out the difference between Nocturnal and Diurnal animal- looking at which animals fall under each category and if there are any that come under both! Children are able to research a nocturnal animal of their choice and look at what they eat, where they live and how they adapt to surviving during the night. During Art lessons children develop their sketching skills studying a section of a picture closely. At the end of the lesson children put the sections of their pictures back together to discover the final picture! 


During Term 5 children in Year 2 take part in SATS tests. Children undertake ‘secret agent training’ –SATS to receive their well-deserved reward at the end. We make this experience as fun for the children as we can! Further information will be shared with parents/guardians during this time. 


Under the sea
Did pirates really exist? During this topic children explore and learn about pirates from the past and look into sunken ships. They discover the range of animals that live under the sea and what makes each of them unique. In Geography children take time to look at the different oceans and the countries that they surround. Children are able to use a range of different materials to create their own under the sea animal.