Years 3 & 4

Year 3 and Year 4


Welcome to Year 3 and Year 4 at Regis Manor!

Phase Leader - Mr Fincham. 


Teacher:  Mrs Cousin

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pearce and Miss Ransley



Teacher:  Mrs Bennett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Vitler



Teacher:  Mrs Marchant

Teaching Assistant: Miss Curtis



Teacher:  Miss Davis

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Young



Teacher:  Mr Fincham

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roberts

Year 3 and 4 offers a range of exciting, engaging and enriching curriculum topics, where children can explore, create and become engaged in their learning. 

Contact staff: 

Teachers and class staff are available each morning and after school. Alternatively, you may wish to write a message in your child's contact book or speak to the school office to arrange an appointment with your child's class teacher or Mr Fincham.

Homework and Reading:

We encourage all children to read at home each week to foster a love of books and reading. We expect children to read at home on at least four occasions and record it in their contact books. Those children who meet this goal will be rewarded in school. 

We set homework each term as part of our "Love to Learn" process. Children can select tasks off a menu each term to meet the points value and earn homework certificates. 

Below you wil find the exciting topics that we will cover during the course of the school year:


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Stone Age

Rivers and the water cycle 

Bronze Age to Iron Age 

Crime and Punishment 



Prehistoric Painting 

Construction: Castles 

Sculpture and 3D: Mega Materials 

Drawing: Power Prints

Craft and Design: Ancient Egyptian Scrolls

Textiles: Cross stitch and applique


Term 1: Stone Age

Years 3 and 4 start the year by diving back 800'000 years! We study changes in Stone Age Britian from the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic era. We read Stone Age Boy and Stig of the Dump as Class Text. 

Term 2: Rivers and Coasts

In this topic, we study the water cycle and the life of a river from source to mouth. Rivers are like earth's lifelines, flowing across the land to join oceans or lakes. They are a vital part of the water cycle, where water from rivers rises to form clouds, then falls as rain to start the journey again. This never-ending cycle keeps our planet alive and thriving - it’s a real-world magic show! 


Term 3: Bronze Age to Iron Age 

Term 3, Years 3 & 4, will study the changes in Britain between the Bronze and Iron Ages. We will explore local findings and use these to decide which was more impressive: the Bronze Age or the Iron Age. Throughout this term, we study the Iron Giant in our English lessons and add increasingly sophisticated vocabulary to our writing.


Term 4: Crime and Punishment 

Following the year’s History theme, term 4 brings us to Crime & Punishment. In years 3 & 4, we study the changes that took place in the field of crime and punishment in Britain throughout history. We also use this as an opportunity to get out into the local area and look at local historical evidence! 

Term 5: Ancient Egypt

Term 5 brings one of our favourite topics: Ancient Egypt. With sphinxes, pyramids and mummies galore, we study the impressive developments in Ancient Egypt. We study Secrets of the Sun King and Flat Stanley and the Great Egyptian Grave Robbery as our class texts. We make our sarcophagi, practise writing in hieroglyphics and much more! 


Term 6: Coasts

With a particular focus on the geography of the Kent coast, we study Chatham Dockyard and the geography of Kent. We study the features of the Kent coastline and even get out to see some of it! Our texts for this term are The Ice Monster and Victory!