Years 3 & 4

Year 3 and Year 4


Welcome to Year 3 and Year 4 at Regis Manor!



Teacher:  Mrs Cousin

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pearce and Miss Ransley



Teacher:  Mrs Bennett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Vitler



Teacher:  Mrs Marchant

Teaching Assistant: Miss Curtis



Teacher:  Miss Davis

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Young



Teacher:  Mr Fincham

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roberts


Contact with staff: 

Teachers and class staff are available each morning and afterschool, alternatively you may wish to write a message in your child’s contact book or speak to the school office to arrange an appointment with your child’s teacher or Mr Fincham. Parents also have the option to message the school office or Mr Fincham via weduc. 


Homework and home reading:

As part of fostering a love of books and reading we encourage all children to read at home each week. We expect children to read at home on at least four different occasions and record in their contact books. Those children who meet this goal will be rewarded in school. 


We set homework each term as part of ‘Love to Learn’. Children can select tasks off a menu each term aiming to meet the points value and earn their homework certificates. 


Learning Journeys:


Each term during the year we will be studying a different theme for history, geography, art, and design technology. 


During 2022-23 we will be studying these topics in Year 3 and Year 4: 


Term 1: Riotous Royals

crown jewles of england | CROWN is the Coronation Crown of England ...


In this topic, we examine the history of the British monarchy. We pose the question, ‘Who was the most significant British monarch’. We study a variety of sources in order to come to a reasonable conclusion. In art, we develop an understanding of pencil shading and drawing techniques. 



Term 2: Best of British

British Isles naming dispute - Wikipedia

In term 2, we take a look at the Geography of the UK. We study the countries, cities and natural features of the United Kingdom. We finish the topic by creating a 3D relief map of the British Isles. In art and design, we study two British sculptors and create our own!


Term 3: Roman Britain

InQuire's History of Canterbury Volume I: Roman Canterbury

This is a particularly exciting term in which the children will study the Romans and how they impacted Britain and left their mark on for many years to come. Looking at Roman Canterbury in particular, the children will learn archaeological skills and use these to investigate the past.  


Term 4: Inventors

The Inventions That Changed World - The Frisky

Using the text, Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times as a hook, this term sees the children becoming inventors themselves. They will study the design process before creating their own inventions. You will be able to see these in our design expo at the end of the term. Furthermore, the children will study successful British inventors and learn about their impact on the modern world. 

Term 5: Farming

Farming Investments to Cut Your Stock Market Risk - Barron's

With a particular focus on farming around Sittingbourne, the children will be learning about how food arrives on our plates. The children will be able to visit a local farm and learn about the processes that make food so readily accessible for us in modern Britain. They will also learn about the history of farming and how methods have developed.

Term 6: Mayan Civilization

In this topic, we conduct a historical study of the Mayan Civilization. We learn about the history of the Mayans focusing mainly on the ‘golden age’  between 250 AD and 900 AD. We consider Mayan hieroglyphs and the number system and study Mayan art and architecture. Using Mayan weaving techniques we create a textile in the traditional style.