Years 5 & 6

Welcome to Year 5 and Year 6 at Regis Manor. 

Year 5: 

Teacher: Miss Pearce 
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Chapman 

Teacher: Miss Beard 
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brackstone and Mrs Sheehan 


Year 6:

Teacher: Mr Fincham
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Vitler and Mr Mcgrath 

Teacher: Mrs Pearce
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hearden


During 2020-20201 we will be studying these topics in Year 5 and Year 6:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Ancient Greece

Mythical Creatures

The Amazon Rainforest

Mayan Civilisation

Feeding the UK

Enterprise Challenge


Ancient Greece:

In this topic, we examine the history of the Ancient Greeks. We learn about Greek life, achievements, and the influence of Ancient Greece on the modern world. As part of this, we compare Greek democracy to democracy and parliament in the UK.


Mythical Creatures:

We study the mythology of Ancient Greece and use these stories as a starting point to explore the presentation of mythical creatures in a range of contexts and examine the influence of Ancient Greece on the wider world. We study and compare the work of several artists and use their ideas to inspire our own work in a range of different artistic media.


Amazon Rainforest:

We explore the geography of the Amazon Rainforest and South America. We use map work to learn about geographical zones and climates and make comparisons between South America and the UK. We also consider the ethics and issues around deforestation and the sustainability of the food we eat.


Mayan Civilization:

In this topic, we conduct a historical study of the Mayan Civilization. We learn about the history of the Mayans focusing mainly on the ‘golden age’  between 250 AD and 900 AD. We consider Mayan hieroglyphs and the number system and study Mayan art and architecture. Using Mayan weaving techniques we create a textile in the traditional style.


Feeding the UK:

In this unit, we develop our understanding of the geography of the local area, Uk, and the wider world by learning about how the UK feed ourself as a nation. We consider how plants and animals are adapted to different climates and the overall sustainability of our food. We also conduct a local land-use study to investigate food production in the local area.


Enterprise Challenge:

This topic is centred around our participation in the Virgin Money make £5 grow challenge. Pupils design and produce a product that can be sold to hopefully make a profit. Along the way, pupils develop their understanding of product design, profitability, budgeting and money management.